Hello, my name is Jessica.

I'm a ,

I craft intuitive user experiences and design systems for web and mobile apps, empowering organizations to elevate their brand and optimize product cycles. 


Reimagining Messenger as a business collaboration and connection tool

I led the visual and user experience design to overhaul the Messenger app, creating a more engaging and intuitive interface.



Elevating Noteable's workflows and teams with a seamless data collaboration tool

 I led the redesign of a major feature within Noteable's software, collaborating cross-functional with Product and Engineering teams.


Crafting a design-driven approach to food security & education on college campuses

Conceptualized the branding and identity for an app dedicated to reducing food waste and providing affordable, budget-friendly meal solutions.


Simplifying group scheduling and event planning for mobile users

I led the branding, visual design, and user research to conceptualize a cross functional scheduling app.


Addressing mental health through supportive design

Designed a user interface with an accessible user flow and friendly design to create a welcoming a supportive space for mental health


Building designs and branding for Sachacks

 I worked on creating the graphics, website, and mascot design that aimed to reimagine the organization's brand.


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